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This resonates a lot. During my time at Integromat (Zapier's biggest competitor and now Make.com), I would tell people all the time how important it is to "design" a workflow before building it, test active workflows on a regular cadence (set it and forget it is just marketing jargon -- every workflow breaks), as well as create versions instead of editing live workflows.

I think you've highlighted the biggest problem here -- people and vendors want to get started quickly and nobody wants to think about this stuff. That said, one of the reasons for customers churning at Integromat was that the person who built/maintained the workflows was no longer with the company and the buyer had no idea what to do. Moreover, there's often no incentive for a lot of people (employees and consultants alike) to invest time in documentation and implementing safeguards which is a real problem. And I suspect this problem to be more severe when it comes to implementing and maintaining data tools.

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