What is Sarah’s Newsletter?

This newsletter is by Sarah Krasnik, data engineer, thought leader, and active participant in the growing data community. The singular focus of this newsletter is starting conversations on trends observed in data and tech (which, I recognize, one could argue isn’t a focus at all).

I’ll talk about some of the following:

  • Data engineering & analytics: How systems can be engineered and teams scaled to enable data-driven decision making.

  • Working in tech: Tech is more than silicon valley, and minorities have an important and growing voice in it.

Past Writing

Some of my other various writing can be found here.

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I started this newsletter because I just like chatting with smart people doing cool things. I’m active on Twitter at @sarahmk125!

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GTM, analytics, builder, & advisor. Growth @ Prefect, prev. lead data engineer @ Perpay. BA Johns Hopkins, MS Northwestern.