I'm glad to have been a part of you debuting this. Lots of good material going on here.

I'm curious to know what teams out there may have implemented similar methodologies - I've done similar in the past, I know many others who have been 'Heads of BI' or 'Heads of Data' have done similar.

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Awesome article!

Would love your feedback on our Information Product Canvas.


Whats missing, what do we need to explain more?

How do you think it aligns with the ARD?

The first generation of the canvas was the Information Product Brief, which was in a document rather than canvas pattern, so in a similar style to the ARD (I think).

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Sarah, do you recommend a separate Metrics Catalog to track the ongoing data required to support Product Goals? Something like Analytics Requirement Document => Decision to include in Metrics Catalog => Add to steady state Metrics Catalog (and report)

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