During my time at Integromat (Make), I have seen so many great use cases of Data Activation. And believe it or not, the most common sources have always been database tools -- from the likes of Google sheets and Airtable to Redshift, BQ, and now Snowflake (Make supports them all). Also, FWIW, a lot of the testing and visibility features offered by rETL tools have long been offered by Make -- unfortunately they're not so obvious to early users.

I've always told people that Integromat is first a data tool and then an integration tool. So yeah, I agree that a LOT of rETL use cases can be taken care of by tools like Make (and Zapier to an extent) -- they (Make etc.) have just missed the opportunity to cater to the needs of data teams.

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Jul 27, 2022Liked by Sarah Krasnik

Definitely interesting to highlight that what the current rETL tools do is very similar to what the IaaS tools have offered for a long time. I've recently used Workato to send data from the warehouse to SFDC and it's pretty great in that regard, full version control (including versioning in git), good user management, etc.

There's definitely a lot the rETL tools can learn from IaaS, and it's clear existing IaaS tools have missed a major marketing trick in jumping into this category as well.

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